Nike Air Force 180 “Olympic”

It was ranked tenth on the 92 Barcelona Olympics Barkley kiss of Nike Air Force 180 “Olympic”.
The shoe with the US team the traditional white, blue, red color rendering, lending a golden detail reveals the “dream team” impressive strength, large visible air cushion soles of the feet Velcro, are a reflection of that era basketball shoes, unique charm and imaginative.

Which shoes as one of the most iconic styles of the early nineties, after the summer of 2012 Xtreme once again return to the current price of less than eight hundred yuan a treasure and want to experience the traditional Force series domineering personality can be a lot of friends look.

Air Jordan 6 & 7 “Golden Moment Pack”

In order to pay tribute to Michael Jordan led the “Dream Team” in 92 years to win an Olympic gold medal memorable moments, Jordan Brand introduced a “Air Jordan Golden Moment Pack” Gold Set in a time when the 20th anniversary of the occasion. The kit includes the black gold color of the Air Jordan 7 to commemorate the 92 “dream team” to win, while platinum color of the Air Jordan 6 Ze to commemorate the 2000 Sydney Air Jordan Olympic Games, the US team won the gold medal.

In addition to the elegant atmosphere of its own shoes black gold, platinum color, two pairs of shoes each also attach a dust bag with stars and stripes pattern, the US “Dream Team” design theme performance of the head, also with a specially designed drawer shoebox, with 6 + 7 gold Air Jordan 7 printing on special shoebox. The package currently on the market price of about ¥ 3400 RMB, the price is relatively stable and reasonable.

Air Jordan 7 “Olympic”

As the first year of the color of one of the Air Jordan 7 Olympic, Michael Jordan wore it in 1992 with the US “Dream Team” won the gold medal in the Atlanta Olympic Games together. This double Olympic color of the seven generations is the only pair of boots heel digital 9 (Jordan national team number) rather than 23 color. It inspired the entire two African tribal culture, the shoe body with white and silver leather stitched together with the United States on behalf of the exclusive color of white, red and blue are intertwined in the midsole and outsole, African tribal art show to the forefront of shoes design.

The Jordan Brand shoe is still renowned designer Tinker Hatfield penned, and had different shoes, the cheap Air Jordan 7 does not use visual and cushion the heel rounding “Nike Air” logo. Upper is also not particularly draws mature Huarache concept, reducing weight but also increases the flexibility of the ankle, but the lack of adequate support and protection, the actual effect is not ideal.

Air Jordan 7 “Olympic” as one of the most popular color seven generations, the shoe in 2004, 10-year and 12-year multiple-engraved recalled, is particularly worth mentioning is that 10 years of re-engraved version of the show has followed FTLOTG (for the Love of the Game) heart-shaped pattern, popular.

August 6 this year, Jordan Brand has brought us the year Tinker Hatfield designed the Olympic color sketch of “Alternate” version for MJ year gains world title glory adds a touch of fresh colors.

more ornamental feel Air Jordan 2016 new clothes

Is undoubtedly stylish concept of cross-border implantation, more ornamental feel Air Jordan 2016 new clothes, how to market response, wait and see!

Officially announced the shutdown has always been rare pieces of things, will re-start the resumption of production of three generations of Air Jordan 13 shoes at the end of this year, places a very high standard regression! This statement came back, some really big comeback feeling!

Air Jordan 3 OG Retro “True Blue” will be officially on sale engraved on November 25, followed by the addition of Nike Air Logo, worth noting that this pair of shoes every detail, with reference to the 88 years of OG yuan True Blue in appearance.

White leather Air Jordan  shoes in blue and black and gray burst crack decorative detail, the first year is more overwhelmed red tongue lining rendered, not before the engraved version of the blue. This is a very dynamic, yet delicate retro visual experience, on sale at the end of nature but also some hot scenes!

Offering priced at $ 220 US dollars to China, how could time pricing, we will wait and see!

cheap Air Jordan XXXI red black new

Air Jordan XXXI
Air Jordan XXXI

The most popular topic this week, sneakers, naturally XXXI 31 generation debut! It is on behalf of Air Jordan XXXI series has crossed the threshold of the 30th anniversary, officially opened yet another glorious chapter for 30 years.

Cheap Air Jordan XXXI no suspense debut detonated Sneaker circle, the major sites and platforms are various discussions about it. As a very high degree of concern at the global level star product, mixed argument is absolutely normal to the.

When two days before the release of the spy photos, premonition of this small series XXXI subversive idea, born in 1985 with the discount Air Jordan 1 across time and space to do a 31-year swap souls, this is a feeling and history perfect present, Xiao Bian is the only five-body cast of offer out! After all, this Air Jordan 1 shoes founder level, with Michael Jordan’s legendary history, for Sneaker circle of influence, no player can match it!

Away from the formal sale as well as a month’s time, surely still an open question as to whether to start this problem, but the following five points are a great reason to eat soil chop hand, give it a look!

1 whole palm Zoom Air cushion + Flight Speed

Is on behalf of cheap Air Jordan shoes, after all, is located in the combat, after only the first palm cushion after XX9 and XXX, XXXI again bring perfect with the whole palm Zoom Air cushion, support for the actual performance of the stadium, apparently out!

This also adopted Michael Jordan Joe closer to my views, Flight Speed combined with Zoom Air insole whole palm cushion to design presents a more close to the ground, in addition to “stick to the ground,” the visual effects, bringing more low center of gravity, better performance feedback and lateral support.

This is a sole configuration, people can not help there quickly on foot to try the urge! We will in the near future, bringing the actual physical evaluation, please pay close attention.

2 for the first time using braided leather materials and integration programs

Vamp is another focus of concern. The use of high-performance Flyweave woven material and leather material integration programs, such presentation in the manufacture of shoes was the first time in the history.

And toe shoes are subject to lightweight woven material to create the perfect combination of leather at the upper package, create the perfect texture conversion and stylish feel.

Fine Flyweave fabric is still with dynamic Flywire fly line to provide comprehensive support package and supportive aspects.

Combination of the two, between the performance and the value of the perfect balance of fashion color, light and robust, modern and retro, this is a delicate feel, worthy of careful taste.

3 is both retro and fashion, more and more US

In terms of the overall visual expression, Air Jordan XXXI outlet brought the very level of expression.

Referring to the shoe body contour lines on the classic Air Jordan 1, but the shoes are not as slim as a generation, solid sense more intense.

Plus more fitting ground-sole design, in terms of contour lines is even more simple, a lot of presents ready unique attitude, sense of power are thus implied susceptor out.

Toe fine woven material, leather-wrapped upper texture, in which a line of sight between the original and alternate fine, but also an unprecedented experience.

Recalling Michael Jordan kiss black and red color Air Jordan 1 “Bred” dunk off screen, this very explosive moments and beauty, it seems being injected into the XXXI, memorable. Plus Swoosh to the trapeze signs of gradual change, as well as the inside of the upper wing of the Air Jordan logo, this is a tribute to the meaning is clear enough!

Both color and black and red Banned XXXI starting palettes, will surely become the most popular color in this series, so I want to start with a friend you had better do the fight were ready!

4 perfect return to the origin, off again

Air Jordan and Michael Jordan never afraid of gossip, so subversive innovation is constantly presented, they climb one after another peak.

One side is the Air Jordan XXXI men and Michael Jordan 31 years ago, deep memory, one side is the perfect combination of technology and fashion. Whether it is the whole palm Zoom Air cushion in the bottom once again return to the top-level configuration, or braided leather + first attempt; whether Jumpman Logo Swoosh fade to 31 years across, or shoe design retro presents, XXXI means to subvert innovation It also means to take off again.

XXXI completely no shadow XXX, whether it is design or marketing ideas, all the same in the past has a slightly different.

We have to take note of the times the official price for $ 185 dollars, compared with the 7.5% decline in the previous generation $ 200, priced between ¥ 1499 Xiao Bian speculation in China in the region ~ ¥ 1599.

Plus Flyweave + leather shoes, the whole palm Zoom Air + FlightSpeed, coupled with the ban on wearing black and red Air Jordan 1 crossing blessing, how cost-effective, surely we all know already have the answer!

Will usher in the September 3 officially on sale, we will bring the kind of out of the box and practical evaluation, please look forward to it!

Air Jordan 9 shoe us solid colors to become more attractive

Air Jordan 9 shoe is more like the wild side show Jordan basketball shoes, suitable for outdoor operations with Air Jordan 9 hard midsole and innovative design style is known. In the design of the shoes is also extremely closed era, Air Jordan 9 will undoubtedly arise shoes design development direction towards a more diversified another space, no longer blindly changes to strengthen internal and external color fancy furnishings, nor another beautiful blindly cumulative science and technology show in the end. Air Jordan 9 Take ordinary Air-Sole shoes conquered fans all year, with a small heel at the trapeze Logo modern basketball shoe design brought before us. As for the Air Jordan basketball shoe sole 9 is probably the best place to go it can calmly ability to challenge this field comes from hard rubber outsole bottom out another way to seal in the above text countries to give up the traditional pattern design is more worthy of friction He called classic. Jordan’s departure makes the whole Jordan Brand and Nike companies are deeply influenced countless NBA fans miss the trapeze His Majesty, and countless basketball fans looking forward to the return of the god of basketball, when his father left the pain still haunt Jordan time, Nike and Jordan Brand can only be filled with such a pair of Air Jordan 9 Memorial meant to wait for the return of Jordan.

According to the designer’s Air Jordan 9 is saying that Michael Jordan retired before it has been designed out. Followed by a trapeze + logo design as well as sole languages of the earth, and the sole 1994 words Japanese alphabet greatly from Jordan’s influence and status at the time. The shoes are so many details are Japanese elements, how many will have to cater to Japanese consumers feel too. I guess when Japan and Jordan shoes Nike sales will certainly be delighted to make a number. With so much a lot of thought and design solid foot feeling fast lacing system composed of Air Jordan 9 shoe store. However, his fate is not like before, like a few pairs of shoes AJ limelight because Jordan retired from the NBA, and then to play baseball, the ill-fated such a pair of shoes until today has not been fully looked up, so many years can be considered a pair of engraved small quantity, and not always to be remembered for.

In fact, the early Air Jordan 9 color has always been to hit the color forms, colors are more classic black / white with, so let Air Jordan 9 color form in people’s minds to form a set, until the color of anthracite appears, click to open the horizons of color Air Jordan 9, seems to look for a pair of shoes, Air Jordan 9 shoe us solid colors to become more attractive, unexpected outsole and midsole blunt curve at all blend together.

To pay attention to today’s Air Jordan 9 Low Bright Mango is another way an attempt this color, bright orange-red before never appeared on this pair of Air Jordan 9 shoes slightly dull, the effect is surprisingly good.

In fact, from nike shoes has to have a strong retro flavor, in most normal circumstances, these retro Jordan is on behalf of the product has been transformed into pressure the road trend shoes, Air Jordan 9 now also follow in the footsteps of trend, this pair of Air Jordan 9 Low Bright Mango but also a bold attempt, never before not to be seen Air Jordan 9 Low change after thinking a little color, transformed click on the young and lively up. Sometimes do not always hold the tradition does not let go, maybe look at some of the open, AJ or AJ, AJ street is another AJ Bale.

Air Jordan 9 Low Bright Mango, although not much precipitation history, but especially for this summer, the bright sun off, fresh air, a pair of mango-colored Air Jordan 9 Low Bright Mango, which is not very wonderful thing?

cheap nike shoes this large family had disappeared

In recent years, with the retro minimalism Jogger Pants wear and other new retro dress style, more and more new retro running shoes and running shoes back on the streets, people abandoned bulky nike basketball shoes and skateboard shoes, re popular streets to make a choice. So some people have long been forgotten classic heart has been quietly returned to us, such as I’ve Always respected:

Presto as a classic series should leave his name in the history of sports shoes. cheap nike shoes this large family had disappeared, and today we just say that one of the leaders for the Air Presto, which in turn was talking from the legendary Alpha Project. In the late 1990s, nike air jordan online created the Alpha Project, dedicated to creating an integrated cutting-edge technology in the areas of product; Richard Clarke from the dominant design, complemented by Kevin Hoffer and Bob Mervar and many other outstanding creative talent. Shoes shot by the project in the year were marked by the “five dot ‘identity, including nike Shox series, Kukini, Seismic and Flightposite these far-reaching abstract shoes. The Air Presto is the star member of this project. Tobie Hatfiled said, Air Presto designed to allow runners feet to control running shoes, air max shoes rather than to play the control role, allowing more natural running. Sponge texture type shoes socks bring an extraordinary degree of flexibility, while creating enough space for the toes to move, and makes the whole structure toe shoes are not sacrificing any protection; side of the shoe laces can perfectly frame lock, additional stability.

Nike Free Mercurial Superfly HTM

Nice Kicks x adidas Consortium NMD Runner PK

adidas NMD shoes bring a joint work with the United States well-known local sites Nice Kicks Sneaker cooperate in red tone on the basis of presented in a way to tie-dye a visual tension full bloom effect. Under White Boost lining up in the end, sophisticated visual effects fascinating. Price of ¥ 4500.

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Hypebeast

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Hypebeast, adidas Ultra one pair of shoes Boost Uncaged x HYPEBEAST joint cooperation in the electronic tongue by adding NFC chips, users can connect directly to the wafer by supporting NFC-enabled mobile phones sketch, and adidas sign HYPEBEAST special spot page, browse the latest trends and information sneakers. ¥ price between 9000-10000.

Nike Free Mercurial Superfly HTM

Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker trio teamed up again to create, in the continuation of high-top socks fashion design at the same time, in order to guarantee Nike Skin breathable fabric technology, followed by cortical ensure supportive, Free 5.0 outsole enhance comfort. Black is particularly rare. The average price of ¥ 11500.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350

Hom Yeshui everyone seems to pair Yeezy, not too much talk, and burn incense Yaohao go!

nike air max Flyknit hollow woven uppers

Socks every day mention shoe is bound to become a trend, a variety of joint are constantly emerging. “Limited” is the key word had mentioned a word limit, like so many people balk at the idea, but those behind the joint, not only is a combination of culture, Limited is more like a product of affirmative Limited inevitably are fine. Since it is fine, it inevitably less volume, high price. But it takes a pair of shoes in the end worth the higher price? I think it is the first high-priced shoes a value in itself reflects, of course, is worthwhile depends on the person, spend heavily back, whether on foot or collection, they like it!

Nike Flyknit Racer in the summer with a good choice. Flyknit hollow woven uppers, excellent permeability and forefoot Zoom Air Phylon midsole with a full charge, the full sense of comfort. Rainbow color snowflakes and price of around 1,500 yuan.

US Independence Day theme, 3 solid color Nike Sock Dart sale. Coupled itself Sock Dart has been a popular people at the mouth of the sock shoes, unique color is the highlight of this shoe. The current price of 1,500 yuan.

Nike adidas, the breakdown of those sky-high socks fired heaven “socks”!

In order to support gay rights as the theme, produced by Nike Sock Dart #BETRUE, # BETRUE black fabric upper transparent ride with rainbow gradient, with the white midsole, duck color is unique. Price around ¥ 2500.

NikeLab LunarEpic Flyknit “Triple Black”

Integration and Flyknit knit material, equipped with Flywire fly line and laser cutting technology Lunarlon sole running shoes series into a new era.
The current market price of around ¥ 2500.

Rushe Run Air Jordan 11 Mens shoes online had a lot of nice color

This pair of Air Jordan 11 Mens shoes until I have also written alone, take the ride AJ4 Flight 89 and the last train and replace it with a new upper material, but it was all totally fail to reflect any red texture, I just feel like the whole body covered with red “Bundy.”

Taobao like to call this pair of shoes, “Wallace” all red Wallace are completely out of several other fresh sense of color, sense of cheap red leather shoe will magnify the head, I was drunk.

CP3. IX was originally a pair of Cheap Air Jordan 11 Mens shoes texture, the design is more biased in favor of practicality, with a full red piece could not look after effects in the end was deliberately projecting, I can not really accepted.

Woven uppers should have let Jordan Shine made some more Italian flavor, but then put red like enough, “Huang Jiangnan shoe factory boss’ handwriting.

I do not mention Nike words, you will find not know Which innovations rain shoe, then immediately be able to make the brain to rainy streets wearing Flystepper 2k3 own foot stained red screen.

Rushe Run Air Jordan 11 Mens shoes online had a lot of nice color, but definitely does not include all red, all red color like a pair of red sock in your feet, do not see the contours do not see the lines, I have to say words like bloody bread bag with your feet.

The same all-red, the same five-pointed star, the same in the end the 1980s, this pair of Air Force 1 and is compared to a disaster.

Undoubtedly, Hyperfuse this fabric is best suited to bright red, and the Air Max 90 Hyperfuse clean, neat vamp make this pair of running shoes was born 90 years there has never been a good-looking

One of my favorites last year, red patent leather always makes me crazy, Air Jordan 11 Lab4 I personally think that very few can match the fashion appears Air Jordan.

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